Where we come from
Posted July 18, 2022 at 10:00 am
And that's the July Update

This was a very fun sequence to work with. Thank you again for your patience. I know there are those that miss the weekly updates, and I certainly miss getting to consistently update and continue the story. But I also know I would not have gotten even close to the quality in these pages if I'd had to jam them out week by week with the rest of my schedule. I did try to get a few more pages into this update, if only because I felt like it was more satisfying to end on this note, rather than two pages earlier.

Next Update will be in the fall! Thank you to the patrons supporting the comic and following the Update progress. 
If you'd like a more week by week update and to follow along with the pages as they come together, I'd genuinely suggest checking out the Godslave Patreon and the Spoilers tier.